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About Us

Kyleaf Consulting is a Document Control Consulting Firm that trains Document Controllers the basic and best practices of Document Control. We also provide Consulting services to new businesses and businesses that wants to revamp their Document Control services.


By the end of the course, Document Controllers would be equipped with applicable information, be self sufficient, have strong values and be professional problem solvers that have the necessary skills and knowledge to be an asset at any company in any industry. 

Kyleaf Consulting is based out of Houston, TX and was founded in 2022 by the instructor, Kafara Cage. Kafara Cage has over 20 yrs of Document Control experience in upstream, downstream, offshore, chemical/refinery in the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC), and manufacturing industries/departments.



Document Control

  • Beginners in Document Control - it doesn’t matter your previous profession, you can still get trained to become a Document Controller.

  • Experienced Document Controllers that’s currently working in the profession, you can get trained on different aspects in this profession.


Consulting Services

  • New Company starting and need a Document Control group developed and implemented

  • Implementation of new or revamped processes, procedures, and workflows

  • Implementing a new Engineering Document Management Systems (EDMS)

Get Started

Please click the button below to see upcoming Document Control Training dates.

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